Final Expense Live Lead Transfers

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Final Expense Leads from Live Transfers


Looking for quality Final Expense leads? Look no further. Live transfer leads is the most effective tool to really build your insurance business. We provide you with a database of seniors from anywhere in the United States and help you reach  out to those prospects with our industry leading marketing tools. More and more today, senior citizens are realizing the importance of having Final Expense or Burial insurance to be less of a burden on their loved ones. Our system helps further spark and interest, then we live transfer those leads over to you live. This is going to be one of the most affordable marketing programs you’ve ever experienced and you’re not going to believe how fast you can easily build your sales pipeline.

Exclusive Final Expense Leads

You would think an exclusive lead would be pretty pricey , well north of $15.  However, our Final Expense Insurance Leads are the most affordable in the industry and enables you to receive maximum ROI for your marketing dollars. An average agent will set an appointment with about 45% – 60% of the leads they speak with. Having the ability to speak with a Live prospect at the peak of their interest will work wonders for your sales numbers and bottom line. Start generating live leads today!

2 Responses to “Final Expense Live Lead Transfers”

  1. For my Final Expense business I fully rely on live transfers to give me the most exclusive leads than any other marketing options out there. Take it from someone who knows, buy live transfer final expense leads.

  2. Terrance B says:

    I agree with this 100%. I get a solid pipeline built that keeps me busy all week in less than 4 hours with final expense live transfers, no kidding. Live exclusive leads are the only way to go. Otherwise you are going up against 10 other agents with the other internet crap.

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